Sunflowers under the moon and other stories

Sunflowers under the moon and other stories is a compilation of short stories set in different times periods and places.

The stories are relatable and easy to understand with messages that may seem simple but do tend to have an impact on the reader. The effect and consequences of one’s actions on themselves and people around them has been explained very well with examples that are bound to stay after the book ends.

The ordinary things in life that we may overlook or ignore, may be more than just ordinary or something extremely important to someone else. Romantic love, crush, parental concern and unending love, wisdom, fate, actions and their unavoidable consequences have been tackled in the stories.

I would recommend this book for a relaxed read, and for audience of all ages as the stories do appeal and talk about people from different age groups going through life and sharing their experiences.

A special note on book cover, which I think is extremely beautiful.

I would like to thank the author, Sangamithra Nataraj for the ARC.

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