Anxious People

Anxious People is a journey through the lives of few not so noticable strangers.

Fredrik Backman has a way with words and brings out powerful messages from short and simple stories. After reading A Man Called Ove (which I absolutely loved) my expectations from Fredrik Backman are considerably high and I’m so happy that Anxious People did not disappoint me. On the other hand, its one if my favourite books now.

The story revolves around an unplanned hostage situation where a bank robber is stuck with some strangers at an apartment viewing. They all come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and have their own stories that led them to this day.

“Sometimes two strangers only need one thing in common to find each other sympathetic.”

The book relates strangers to events and places they didn’t know they were connected by, in different ways.

Anxious People talks about anxiety, depression, loneliness and suicide in a way that I never thought someone could describe. It doesn’t weigh you down, on the contrary it’s a bit funny and full of twists and turns, with a pleasant ending.

I would recommend Anxious People to readers who would like to read a different approach on emotional health, expressing your thoughts and being compassionate. Or, I would suggest you to just take a chance and read it, because it’s really good!

Happy reading!

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