No Names to Be Given

No Names to be Given is a fictional narration of the stories of three women who meet in the most critical stage of their lives and get bound together by secrecy and everlasting friendship.

The story starts in 1965, times where pregnancy out of wedlock was taboo (still is in some places) and shameful. We take a roller coaster ride that spans over decades describing the pain of mothers who have been forced to give away their babies, by society, family and also by themselves.

I knew I had to read this book when the blurb stated – “Today’s young women won’t understand how our families made us feel shame so intensely we surrendered our first-born children to strangers. – Faith Reynolds. “

The book talks about child abuse, racial discrimination, adoption, fear and a sense of hopelessness that forces three women to change the course of their lives and the lives of their babies.

I would recommend it to readers who would like to know the challenges faced by unwed mothers and the consequences faced by them and their children in times where these situations were not only unforgivable but in some cases also punishable.

No Names to Be Given is a debut novel by the author, Julia Brewer Daily. Although fictional, the story is inspired by the author’s own story who was adopted from a maternity home hospital in New Orleans. It also mirrors other adoption stories around 1960’s.

I loved the author’s writing style, the way the stories were laid out and presented in different parts.

It was easy to connect with the characters and albeit spanning over a long period of time, I was hooked till the very end

Thank you Netgalley and Julia Brewer Daily for the ARC.

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